Keratin Granulations and Other Nail Problems – How Serious Are They?

Keratin granulations – spotty white deposits on a fingernail – are one of the more common problems seen on nails. Others, of course, are nail fungus, parasitic infections, and signs of poor diet (white striations or discolorations on the nails). … Continue reading →

Be Aware of High Blood Sugar Symptoms in Women

The most common high blood sugar symptoms in women usually cover a range of predictable patterns. Although in most cases these outward signs differ little from men, women’s dietary needs and the effects of pregnancy can greatly exaggerate the expected … Continue reading →

Swelling During Pregnancy Third Trimester – What to Expect

Pregnancy is accompanied by many physical discomforts for most women. Most are tolerable. However, the swelling during pregnancy third trimester is one of the most hated (other than the obvious changes associated with the “baby bump”). Most women get through … Continue reading →