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queen helene mint julep masque maskThe myth of the pore minimizer is that it will create a whole new you in just a few uses. Having a clean and clear face is one of the best ways to boost your self esteem and confidence. Unfortunately many women are frustrated with the fact that no matter how many products they try, none of them seem to shrink their pores the way they claim. This frustration is no fault of the consumer. The fault lies in the false marketing campaigns generated by the skin care industry as a whole who promise to reduce the size of your pores quickly and easily. The reality is that we have absolutely no control on the actual size of our pores. Our pore size is determined by our DNA makeup, and there is no way to open, close, shrink, or minimize them no matter how much we pay for the best pore minimizing products.

What skin care experts can promise is a way to reduce the appearance of your pores by getting your skins oil production under control, reducing breakouts, and clearing pores of dirt and dead skin cells. The good news is that you can enjoy many of these exact benefits by simply employing a personalized skin routine and the right skin treatment to clean and exfoliate your skin.

How To Cleanse Pores

The first step to reducing the appearance of pores is wash your face every day with a gentle facial cleanser. You must wash your face before bed and when you wake up making sure to remove all makeup and daily oil build up. Second exfoliate everyday with a product like clarins exfoliating body scrub or facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and penetrate deep into pores. Finally, make sure to moisturize at least three times per day with an oil free moisturizing formula. This will keep your oil production in check reducing the amount of oil on your face making your pores look clean and less noticeable. Enjoy your great skin!

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