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To execute an extremely powerful and high vertical jump requires springiness and strength. This can be achieved by practicing workouts that increase your muscle quickness and strength and cardiovascular endurance. Together with proper exercising, you also need to consume the right diet. Superior physical development is never possible without intake of a well balanced diet.

When it comes to daily exercising to jump higher, you will need to follow a step by step procedure as this is what will yield maximum results. Firstly, perform limited strength workouts to hasten the capacity of your muscles to produce strength. Secondly, practice explosive strength workouts in order to produce optimum strength in minimal time. Lastly, do reactive strength routines since these are what will enable you to generate superior amount of strength in just a split of a second and this is needed for leaping higher.

The following jump higher exercises should be enough to do the job for you.

Squats – This is said to be the best workout that will build up the power of your legs. This involves getting into the right position; thus, a coach or trainer should be first consulted to find out if you are doing the squat in the right posture. This jumping higher workout can be performed with or without the use of weights. This entails various limited strength workouts such as full back squat, split squat as well as many explosive routines like pause jump squat and box squat to name a few. React squat is one example of a reactive strength workout.

Lunges – This workout helps in developing the quadriceps. To perform, stand straight with feet shoulder distance apart. Lunge forward using one leg and bend it at the knee in a ninety-degree position. Your shoulders must be kept straight throughout the process. Hold the position for a few counts and then perform the same procedure using your other leg. This is a very easy, yet effective workout that you can then perform with weights as you progress.

Step Ups – To perform this exercise, you will need a sturdy chair or bench that you can step up onto. Place one foot on top of the chair or bench and then step up onto the object with the other foot. Next, step down into the ground one foot at a time. Repeat the same procedure with your other leg. This drill can do wonders for your quad muscles.

These are just some of the many exercises that, when performed regularly, can work to develop your strength, cardio fitness as well as help you leap higher. With these workouts, expect your vertical jumping capacity to increase in just a couple of weeks.

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