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vitamin b12 for hair lossWomen’s hair loss is not as common as men’s, but a large number of women are still affected by it. There are a number of possible causes: a genetic or medical condition, or even the natural process of aging. For every cause of hair loss in women, there are a number of treatments to counteract them including diet and vitamin B12.

Changing your diet is usually the first thing a doctor will suggest, because it is the easiest and least intrusive method to start with. Doctors and nutritionists agree that a diet that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fats, is not only good for your hair, but also your overall health.

Low iron, plus a lack of omega 3 fatty acids can cause an anemic condition that reduces your red blood cells, which in turn, can cause hair loss in women. Adding foods like brewer’s yeast and broccoli to your diet will boost your iron levels. If you also add “good” fats like fish, soy, and walnuts, you can improve the health of your hair, and even possibly reverse your hair loss.

Foods that contain natural vitamin B12, like poultry, eggs, and meat, can also increase the growth rate of your hair. Another B vitamin, Biotin, also plays a part in your hair’s health. It is so successful that when many doctors prescribe name brand treatments like Rogaine and Propecia, they also prescribe Biotin along with it. Biotin is naturally found in eggs and liver, but you’d have to eat huge amounts of each just to get enough Biotin to make a difference, so supplements are usually suggested if you need to increase your Biotin intake.

Some people believe that hair products, such as shampoos, dyes & permanent solutions, can cause hair loss. Although it is possible, it is rare. More likely what is happening is that your hair is being damaged from being overprocessed and it is breaking off, making it appear to be thinning.

Whether you have a medical or genetic condition that causes hair loss, or even if your hair is breaking from damage, you can benefit by adjusting your diet and adding Vitamin B supplements, especially B12, which many professionals believe is one of the best hair growth vitamins available.

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