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Quit Smoking with HypnosisSo here lies the million dollar question: Will hypnosis help me stop smoking? The reason that most people find themselves asking that question is because they have tried to quit smoking many times before, and no doubt using many different methods. Please do not despair though – if you are trying to stop smoking cigarettes then you are definitely not alone.

Doctors have said that most smokers will usually try four or five times on average to finally quit.  And many smokers have used stop smoking hypnosis to be successful.  This quick and easy guide will give you some advice as to whether it could work for you.

Get in touch with a qualified hypnotherapist

The first rule of stop smoking hypnosis is to not attempt to try the CDs or any other self-hypnosis techniques.  You probably will not succeed, so instead please find a fully qualified hypnotherapist who has a track record in helping smokers to quit successfully.

By undergoing hypnosis, you will be able to train your subconscious to think different thought patterns, so for example you may think the following:

  • I cannot stomach smoking a cigarette.
  • The smell of cigarettes repulse me.
  • I am no longer a smoker and never will be again.

Will hypnosis be a safe method for me?

Of all the different anti smoking remedies that are available on the market, hypnosis is without a doubt one of the safest.  In fact there are no reported statistics to say that you will suffer as a result of using this method.

Will I put on weight when I give up smoking?

This is possible and we will not lie. However, if you do find yourself putting weight on after you successfully give up then possibly look at using meal replacement shakes for weight loss to try and reduce your increased calorie intake.  Cigarettes are known to be an appetite suppressant and it is common for many quitters to put on a few pounds during this period.

Will stop smoking hypnosis be successful for me?

There are no guarantees.  The only guarantee to giving up smoking successfully will be your own will power and motivation.  Without those characteristics even a stop smoking hypnosis program of five sessions or more may not work for you.

Ultimately, you need to be ready to give up smoking, and until you are it is unlikely you will be able to finally quit cigarettes.  Set yourself a quit day with the support of your friends and family and you are on the right track to winning the battle.

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