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back pain physical therapyAside from the extreme cases or diseases that cause back pain, most of the back pain cases do tend to go away with non surgical back pain treatment or alternative medical attention. There are several approaches to back pain that do not involve surgery or extensive medical procedures. If you have had a sit down with your doctor about your back pain, and it has been decided that your case is not serious enough to warrant a surgical operation or a series of heavy drugs then it would be wise to consider all the other ways of back pain treatment.

There are many physical therapy solutions available for people with back pain or herniated discs, these pain management sessions are conducted by physical therapists under the direct supervision and guidance of a pain management medical doctor.

Ultrasound treatments involves a physical therapist using a device directly on the affected area and in a circular motion to transmit sound waves to the underlying muscle tissues. These waves create deep heat that will promote blood circulation to the affected muscle which will then reduce inflammation, lessen muscle spasms and ultimately, decrease the number of pain episodes.

The use of a TENS machineĀ  (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine) is also a method of treatment in physical therapy; this is an electric device that sends a painless current through skin patches to reach affected nerves. This apparatus is used mainly to directly treat nerves and help with the mobility of weakened muscles. These machines can be costly, but in most cases a TENS machine hire or rental can be done.

Direct massages are also used as a physical therapy method. Properly trained physical therapist use their fingers, hands, elbows and thumbs as well as special tools to directly knead and stroke affected muscles. The benefits of this type of therapy are reduced inflammation of the muscle area, removal of aches and stiffness of the muscles, increased fluid retention and reduced muscle and joint pains.

The last physical therapy solution is the aquatic therapy, also known as water therapy. This treatment uses spas and whirlpools or swimming pools as well to help in treating pain. The temperature and water levels are manipulated to help relax the muscles being treated. The exercises commonly used in junction with this type of therapy are stretches and strengthening exercises.

You may also consider another therapy for back pains like sciatica treatment or sciatica exercises to help you treat your back problems.

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