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certified wound specialist flash cards study guideBuilding a resume, advancing a career, gaining the admiration of co-workers, and being recognized for possessing exemplary training in wound care management are just some of the benefits awaiting those in the health care world that go on to gain the title of CWS. These simple initials have a very weighty meaning and becoming a Certified Wound Specialist is a very smart move. For anyone seeking a brand new career pathway, this certification may make the impossible come true and provide a whole host of new opportunities in the health care profession.

Wound care management and wound documentation are but two of the skills taught in nursing schools all across the country. Moving to the next level and displaying a mastery of these skills only comes for those who apply, are accepted, and ultimately pass the rigorous national examination. The responsible body is the AAWM – the American Academy of Wound Management. This governing body evaluates a candidate and ensures they meet the minimum experiential and educational requirements needed to qualify for the exam.

Passing this exam on the first time is not easy and most candidates will spend months studying review kits and other available wound care literature. The good news is that most candidates that stick with the exam do pass it eventually. This dedication and preparation will be rewarded because almost every health care facility in the country actively looks for this accreditation when hiring staff. The reasoning is easy to see. A CWS will provide better wound care, which leads to a quicker recovery rate and a much higher rating of patient satisfaction. This will mean better word-of-mouth advertising for the facility, and, more importantly, fewer lawsuits.

A CWS will enjoy both monetary and non-monetary benefits from passing this exam and it is a valuable tool to add to any health care training arsenal. The test is offered in most large cities throughout the year. Start the journey to becoming a wound specialist today!

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