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An apple is most healthful in its concentrated liquid form and apple juice is the best way to enjoy this fruit in order to receive the most health benefits. This is not to discourage you from eating apples. It is a great tip, though, if you want to make consuming natural fruits a substitute to expensive multi-vitamins which are manufactured synthetically. These can actually harm your liver and kidneys by depositing harmful toxins that will build up over time and may one day take its toll on your health.

Some benefits that the apples can provide:

Lung Cancer Prevention –  The elements that are called quercetin and naringin are responsible in keeping the health of the respiratory system.  It has been proven that drinking 3-4 apple juices a day in its concentrated form can help a smoker prevent lung cancer by up to 45%.  So, this means apple juice is a great way to offset the damages of smoking for those who can’t seem to live without nicotine.

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention –  Quercetin also helps protect the brain cells and keeps them healthy and in good condition and slows deterioration.  This substance has also been proven to help the elderly from being prone to alzheimer’s disease and help them to have a better memory and brain function even in old age

Weight Loss – Apples can help those who are dieting lose more weight.  The combination of the vitamins and minerals in apples can really help you burn fats and have a better metabolism by flushing out the toxins in your digestive system.

It really isn’t expensive to have this juicing habit.  You can choose many inexpensive juicers that won’t even cost you $100.  The quality however won’t usually be as good as a higher end blender.  The Internet is a great place to read many juicer reviews and there is one juicer at this price point that is of great quality.  That is the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro juicer.  This machine has good reviews and ratings from its customers and can get you started on a healthful path.

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