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Hernia BeltBeing diagnosed with a hernia is not the worst thing in the world. Today, a simple hernia belt has helped thousands of men and women lead a normal, active lifestyle. For some it is a temporary measure until hernia mesh can be placed surgically, but for others with inguinal hernias that are easily reduced a soft form hernia belt can be used daily for years as long as the hernia doesn’t worsen.

A hernia forms when an organ’s fatty tissue or an organ in the body begins to bulge or protrude through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. An abdominal wall muscle tear may be the result of over-exertion but it may be also be genetic, from aging, pregnancy, and other conditions like COPD and ascites. Anything that severely stretches the abdominal wall can potentially lead to a hernia. Inguinal hernias are by far the most common type for both men and women and make up a full 75% of all abdominal hernias.

Many hernias are irreducible and cannot be easily pushed back into place (as is often the case with a navel hernia). These hernias require hernia repair surgery quickly because, left untreated, the displaced organ can suffer strangulation through blood loss. Irreducible hernias are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting and severe pain. The lesser types of hernias are reducible and this is where a hernia support belt can really help.

A hernia belt or truss can be found in a soft form variety, which has foam compression pads to provide gently pressure against the hernia to keep it in place. In most belts these pads are removable. This is important because many hernia belts are capable of targeting and supporting two hernias, but if a patient only has one the extra pads can be removed for more comfort. These belts have wide, adjustable velcro straps to make them one sits fits most. They are far more inconspicuous and are easy to wear with most types of clothing without a bulky silhouette or hampering movement. There are more rigid hernia belts on the market as well and these may contain metal or hard plastic panels to provide a higher level of support and resistance against a more serious hernia.

Hernia belt sizing is done according to waist size and they may be found easily in sizes to accommodate up to a 46″ waist. Larger hernia support belts are available, but may require additional searching. The cost of a hernia belt is insignificant when compared to hernia repair cost. Most belts can be purchased for $20 to $50. They are available at many local shops, but the selection is far greater online and there are models to suit a male or female hernia.

A hernia belt is a great way to treat and live with a mild hernia. A professional should treat any painful or more serious hernia immediately because this could lead to a very serious medical problem. Stay well! By Bob Parker

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