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Create Effective HCG DietCreating a good HCG diet plan that will help anyone lose weight is based on a combination of diet and supplements. The best diet program with proven results and success comes from food regimens that are complemented with the intake of natural diet aids.  Diet aids can come from natural supplements and foods that can curb you appetite to consume more.  Known foods that can help curb hunger are grapefruit, cranberries, and lean protein.  The HCG diet is effective with a 500 calorie diet so as to achieve weight loss of up to a pound a day.  However it is important to remember that using the HCG diet plan for a long period is not recommended.  It is advised to maintain the HCG diet for at most 40-45 days before taking a resting interval so as to prevent the body from creating immunity to the protein hormone.

Since a low calorie diet has to be maintained, the best foods to consume are lean protein foods such as lean meat, fish, poultry, soybeans, or eggs.  These types of foods make a person feel fuller compared to other nutrients and fibers.  This is the reason why most high protein diets work successfully with weight loss because it cuts craving by providing a sense of fullness.  The HCG diet plan can also help you maintain muscle mass as long as the proper intake of lean protein and a low calorie diet is observed.  The HCG diet can be aided with HCG drops, injections, and supplements to also help the body realize that it has already reached its minimum calorie requirement.  Subsequently, the body will then use the body fats as the source of energy.

With the administration of an hcg diet, eating fruits twice a day and consumption of less sugar are advisable.  Taking in mixed fruits during breakfast and then a 100 gram of lean protein meat such as fish, chicken, and turkey during lunch and dinner will be good enough to start a successful HCG diet plan.  A person undertaking this plan should always monitor his or her health status aside from the weight.  They should assess the side effects before proceeding another week of the diet protocol just as a precautionary measure.  Occasionally pre-existing health conditions may surface that were previously unknown, but become instigated by such a rigorous diet.  As with any diet plan, a consult with a physician is highly recommended.

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