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lower cholesterol naturallyThere isn’t really much time to prioritize health nowadays. It is true that people don’t spend much time preparing food and this means that they often fill up on fatty meals from a fast food restaurant. This can lead to excessive cholesterol in the blood.

Information On Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that gets produced whenever our liver breaks down fat. The name “Cholesterol” refers to several main substances. They are typically referred to as high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and also trigycerides. HDL cholesterol (called “good cholesterol”) moves the cholesterol away from the cells back towards the liver and then the liver breaks down the cholesterol. HDL is extremely helpful for keeping overall cholesterol levels low. Since LDL cholesterol drags cholesterol away from the liver to the rest of your body it is commonly called “bad cholesterol”. It can heighten the threat of developing heart disease or having a stroke. Another bad cholesterol is triglycerides, which are in vegetable oil or animal products (like eggs or red meat). Triglycerides are associated with hardening of the arteries (or “atherosclerosis”).

Contrary to misconception, cholesterol has an important function in keeping people healthy. Cholesterol has several essential jobs: constructing cell membranes, making hormones, and also insulating nerve fibers. The trouble is that it is too easy to end up with far too much cholesterol in our bodies, particularly for those whom regularly consume lots of junk food or other foods high in fat. Heart disease and many other illnesses and conditions are consequences of elevated cholesterol in the body. In particular, when you have excessive LDL cholesterol and triglycerides but not enough HDL, you are at the highest risk.

This century, it is highly likely that millions of people will suffer from lifestyle and diet related conditions, most notably heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Small lifestyle changes can significantly lower cholesterol as well as these risks.

Realistic Cholesterol Lowering Techniques

It is wise to lower the body’s total cholesterol. It is usually not necessary to resort to medicine to lower the overall cholesterol level. This is because cholesterol medication has been found to lower risk of heart disease by only 2%. Instead, many people should investigate if it would be possible to lower cholesterol naturally and not resort to cholesterol-lowering medicine.

In order to have good cholesterol levels, a person can try:

– Regularly eating lots of nourishing food like oily fish, and whole grains.

– Losing weight.  Cholesterol can be cut in half by just a small amount of weight loss.

– Regularly eating fruits, vegetables, and also whole grains.

– Quit smoking. People that smoke have raised LDL levels.

Even for those in good shape, applying these tips can improve overall health and help lower cholesterol naturally.

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