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how much is laser tattoo removalLaser tattoo removal is the latest and most in demand procedure preferred by people who wants their tattoos removed. Because this is considered cosmetic surgery it must be performed only by a professional dermatologist. One thing to consider in choosing this procedure is the cost. There are many variables that factor into how much laser tattoo removal is going to cost, but because it is performed by a professional and uses some high tech devices it is likely to be more expensive than other procedures. Even so, a potential patient should feel free to ask and to canvass more clinics to get the best deal for the procedure. The laser tattoo removal cost is based on the following:

  • The age of the tattoo. When the tattoo is almost like part of your epidermis because of its age, then it requires several treatments to remove totally. The treatment could cost from $200 to $500 and when anesthesia is involved then extra fees could be added.
  • The size and pattern of the tattoo. Obviously, the bigger the tattoo the more anesthesia is needed and the more the laser will be used both of which lead to a more expensive final bill. Additional costs can add up when the pattern is intrinsic, which makes them difficult to remove.
  • The brightness of the colors used. Yellow and turquoise colored inks are harder to remove thus requiring several sessions.
  • Masking the unwanted tattoo. Masking means covering the unwanted tattoo with another tattoo. Tattoos are removed layer by layer. So if a patient has several layers of ink tattooed then it is harder to dissolve requiring multiple laser treatment sessions to completely remove the tattoo.
  • The location of the tattoo. It is much easier to remove if the tattoo is located in a flat surface of the body like buttocks, back, and chest. Tattoos on fingers, toes, and ankles are harder to remove for the surface is irregular and bony. Again, more treatments are needed.
  • The condition of the skin around the tattoo. Those suffering from a serious allergic reaction to the tattoo may need additional treatments.
  • The specialists’ fee. The more experienced and popular the skin specialist, the higher their fees are versus a recent graduate.

Anyone planning on having a laser tattoo removal should make sure to thoroughly research not only the specialist, but the pricing and the procedure itself. This is not a time to skimp on cost and a person should choose the best specialist he or she can afford.

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