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Body Cleanse and DetoxMany disorders people commonly suffer from are actually self-inflicted through bad dietary habits.  You really are what you eat!  Anything we take into our bodies has an effect on us in some way.  In today’s commercial environment in which foods are loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives, the potential for toxins and poisons to accumulate in your system is very high.

A very helpful habit to develop is regular cleansing of your body with deep cleanings.  This will greatly aid in excretion of toxic substances and yield a longer, healthier life.  Many detoxes like the 3-day detox diet are available on the market, and numerous spas and similar establishments include various scrubs, rubs, and peels which they allege will rid you of potential poisons.  Perhaps the most popular poison cure is a three-day detox.  Its popularity is due to the sufficient length of its beneficial effects for poison and toxin elimination.  Yet, it doesn’t last so long as to become unbearable for most people.

A three-day detox is an excellent remedy for facial acne, eczema, and other disorders of the skin.  A lot of people are pleasantly surprised to find that all their whiteheads are gone and their eczema has disappeared after using a detox, even those with eczema open sores.  If you are afflicted with a strange-appearing rash or other skin breakout and are concerned that it might be eczema, you can be sure relatively easily.  A simple internet search engine query for “eczema images” will quickly retrieve numerous pictures of what the disorder does to the skin.  You can see what the disease looks like at various stages of its progression within the body.

Some cases of eczema are stubborn and very resistant to treatment.  Cortisone-containing creams may be needed for especially severe cases.  Sometimes, special creams which contain antibiotics are required if the skin becomes inflamed due to eczema.

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