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Aluminum Free DeodorantAlmost every kind of deodorant will have traces of aluminum in its list of ingredients, but there are people with sensitivities and aluminum free deodorant has become more commonplace on drugstore shelves. The movement is slow because aluminum is widely used because it is known to prevent excessive perspiration. While different products will have different amounts of aluminum, others will have their own formulation on how they will react to sensitive skin.

To address the issue of sensitive skin aluminum free deodorant is being produced. Those who have sensitive skin and those who easily get allergies prefer this kind of deodorant by a wide margin. There have been studies that showed the unhealthy effects of aluminum in the body. It has been found to clog pores causing ingrown hairs and rashes. The presence of excessive amounts of aluminum in the body can also cause serious diseases like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and various brain disorders. This is the reason why manufacturers are now looking into the possibility of making more natural deodorants.

Realizing all of these effects, most medical professionals now encourage the use of natural deodorants because of the content that traditional deodorants have. While they basically do the same thing and are used for the same purpose, natural deodorants are generally much more friendly to the environment.

People who have various skin ailments such as acne will lean more towards an aluminum free deodorant because it helps heal the skin faster as well as prevent the spread of bacteria. Bacteria growth is blocked and the skin is able to breathe more easily. The essential ingredients present in these kinds of deodorants that keep the skin soft and smooth include lavender oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil, arrowroot and coconut oil.

With all the benefits of an aluminum free deodorant, it will not come as a surprise in choosing which deodorant is better. Even if the two varieties are similar and they are used for the same purpose, the choice becomes easier to make.

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