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Hair Growth VitaminsIf you are considering purchasing hair growth vitamin, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices available.  You’re certainly taking the right step toward fixing your problem, which is to improve your overall health.  However, it is hard to tell what exactly vitamins can do for your hair, and many products will make outrageous claims.  Here are a few things to watch out for when shopping, particularly online.

Unscientific “Proof”

Anybody can write a blog these days, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who can type on a keyboard is qualified to give advice.  Many people give well-meaning but incorrect recommendations on vitamins for hair growth for women.  For example, pregnant women who are taking prenatal vitamins may notice that their hair is thicker and grows faster than usual.  They believe that the vitamins are causing their hair changes, when in reality, taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth probably won’t do much more than a regular multivitamin will.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Many vitamins for hair growth come with a money-back guarantee of your satisfaction.  This is something to look for, particularly with a vitamin or supplement product that makes lofty claims.  A guarantee is a sign that the company will stand behind their product and wants you to be a satisfied, returning customer.

Vague Information

The best vitamins for hair growth will list all of the ingredients online for you.  Many times, they will even tell you why each ingredient is in the product and what it does.  This is especially helpful when the formulas include herbs with which many people are unfamiliar.  Also, look for dosages.  If you get a bottle of 60 pills for $30, will that last you 2 weeks, a month, 2 months?  You should also easily be able to find out how long the company has been in business and where they are based.

The bottom line is that you should never buy hair growth vitamins if you don’t feel that you understand exactly what you are getting.

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