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Certified Nursing Assistant Exam - CNA Exam Study GuideAnytime is a great time to think about a certified nursing assistant position, these are some of the most rewarding and popular roles within the healthcare industry, and one in the highest demand as well.  These roles are becoming more and more important each day as the explosive growth of the healthcare industry is increasing in demand and the need for trained staff is growing right along with it.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant is a licensed professional that has completed at least 75 hours of state-approved coursework, as set by the federal government, in addition to any state requirements, and has taken the certification test, then applied for and received their license from the State Nursing Board.  Certified nursing assistant training is fairly intense and short and is designed to get students working quickly.

Where do you get the Training?

There are hundreds of providers of certified nursing assistant training programs, but all should be checked against the Board of Nursing website for each state to ensure the coursework is approved and from an approved provider.  A certified nursing assistant salary is dependent on the training and experience of the individual, and by choosing the most inclusive training, one can improve their salary outlook immediately.

Where can you Expect to Work?

Most of the certified nursing assistant jobs are within residential care facilities such as retirement communities, low income assisted living facilities, and nursing centers, but there are also many positions in home healthcare, doctor’s offices and hospitals as well.  Most start out in the residential care facilities and either continue on into other careers, as is common with those who enter the field of medical billing, since medical billing service fees are rising so dramatically, for example.  This is just one example and a certified nursing assistant career can be fulfilling on its own. It is a great starting point for just about any type of career in the healthcare industry.

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