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Natural Light Alarm ClockAwakening suddenly to a blast of heavy metal streaming from the bedside radio is not most people’s idea of a proper way to wake up in the mornings. Yet, millions of people all over the world are jarred from sleep by rock music, loud buzzes or other typical alarm clock noises. Wouldn’t it be nice to transition slowly into awakening in a natural way. The solution is simple and is called a natural light alarm clock. This style of clock has long been used in the deaf community, but with all the newest features it is becoming increasingly popular with those that cherish a good night sleep and a peaceful morning.

The secret is a loud tone or buzz is replaced by a strong light which gradually increases in brightness to help a person adjust naturally to morning. It is easy to see how it mimics the sunrise and keeps someone from experiencing the panic jolt that often accompanies other types of alarms. Many sleepers may question how effective it is at waking them up, but they are often surprised at how quickly and easily the body adjusts to this type of alarm.  It is not real mystery why this is true. A sunlight alarm clock mimics the body’s natural processes. For those that are really in doubt, many come with built in audio back ups for peace of mind.

A daylight alarm clock is a great way to awaken refreshed and gently and ready to start the new day. No more “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”! Light alarm clocks can be purchased at many retailers and there are styles designed that are suitable for any decor.  See if this natural sleep solution won’t help you feel better throughout the day. They also make fantastic gifts for any stressed love one.

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