HomeCosmetic HealthGoing Bald Already? Some Great Home Remedies for Hair Growth You Must Try

Are you noticing some additional hair strands in your comb or brush just recently? People do not like it when they are losing their precious hair. This is the reason why there are a lot of companies these days manufacturing and selling various formulas for hair growth. Most of these hair formulas come with a high price tag. If perhaps you do not wish to spend your hard-earned cash on these questionable products then you can always try out some at home remedies for hair growth. Below are some popular hair loss or hair fall home remedies that have been proven effective by many people.

Massage: This can serve to enhance the circulation of blood within your scalp and encourage hair growth. You can vigorously massage or rub your scalp 3 – 4 days per week for a couple of minutes each time. Massage your scalp in small circular movements using your fingertips. There are plenty of oils that you can utilize for this purpose, too.  Castor, jojoba, amla and mustard seed oil are just some oils that you can make use of.

Vital Oils: There are also vital oils that you can use to help stimulate the scalp as well as spur hair growth. Some excellent vital oils for promoting optimum hair growth include rosemary, thyme, lavender and cedar. These vital oils are extremely stimulating; however, before applying them onto your scalp, it is ideal that you dilute them first. You can combine a couple of drops of either of these vital oils with carrier oils such as those that you can use for the scalp massage.

Lifestyle: Leading a healthy and productive lifestyle is also key in saving your tresses. Diet and regular exercise are important. Having a body that is very acidic is considered as one of the many causes of hair loss in women and men. You can maintain the ideal pH levels of your body by eating plenty of greens such as broccoli, spinach and kale. High stress can also contribute to hair loss. You can manage stress by exercising and/or meditating.

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