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Tennis Elbow CureIf you suffer from tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis as it is medically known, there is no need for you to overly worry because this is an easily treatable injury as long as the tendons are not severely damaged. Some tips that will prove useful for you or someone who has sustained this injury and is trying to heal the tendons:

a) Rest is paramount; this is actually the only way that a sufferer can protect the arm from further damages and instead allow healing to begin. Stop whatever you are doing the instant you notice the initial symptoms of the condition and keep the arm elevated because it is likely that blood will start accumulating on the tissues that sustained the injury.

b) Modify your lifestyle as a part of the treatment for tennis elbow. It is up to you to find out what may aggravate the injury and what will help heal it faster, but all-in-all the bottom line is that the injured tendons will simply require time and rest to heal.

c) You can use medications to alleviate some of the symptoms of tennis elbow. Painkillers will help make the injury more bearable and anti-inflammation medications will help if the elbow or the arm is swollen. Anti-inflammation medications can be taken in tablet form or can be rubbed on the surface of the injured arm. It can be something as simple as ibuprofen.

d) The healing can be very gradual and may include an exercise for tennis elbow in the healing process, which will considerably reduce the time that the injured tendons require to recover completely. Tennis elbow exercises can be categorized into gentle kneading and massages when the arm is still painful and cannot be moved, stretching exercises when the pain subsides and the elbow can stretch and fold, and finally weight and strength exercises when the injured tendons are almost healed or when they are completely healed.

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