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Dark Circle Eye ConcealerHaving darker skin under your eyes can be easily solved. Unlike other eye conditions such as having a droopy eyelid which you can usually resolve by undergoing eye surgery, there is an easy way to reduce dark circles under eyes. The magic solution? Concealers.

Using a concealer is your immediate solution for those tired-looking eyes if you have a party to attend. A concealer will lighten the skin under your eyes making them appear vibrant and refreshed. Even if you had only an hour sleep last night, you can still go out looking energized. Choose a facial concealer which is on a stick or a cream form, not the liquid one. A liquid concealer can fill those little spaces around your eyes which will make your eye bags more noticeable. Choose a concealer which is one shade lighter compared to your skin tone. This is to even out the dark shadows under your eyes. One shade lighter will be the best color for you or else you may end upĀ  looking like a raccoon.

Lightly dab the concealer around your eyes using your little finger or better yet using an eye-shadow brush. Your little finger can be wet or a little bit warm when you apply your cream foundation making easier to apply then cover your concealer using a powder foundation.

Using a concealer can be a fast trick to solve your under eye darkening. However, you can also investigate more permanent solutions by changing your diet, changing your lifestyle, doing some exercises and by having your health checked up by a specialist to rule out underlying conditions. You can also choose to resort to organic products or herbal remedies. Any of these choices will help you to have a more beautiful and presentable appearance whenever you go out of your house.

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