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condom cathetersMen are proud and discovering that urinary incontinence has become a part of their daily life is not something they are likely to handle well. Besides the feeling of weakness, many men worry about using products like incontinence bed pads, adult briefs, or catheters. This fear is justified, but the convenience and ease of use will lure many men over to the world of condom catheters.

Using a condom catheter is very easy for most men because they generally are already experienced with the most difficult part, which is rolling it on properly.

Most of these external catheters are soft and flexible latex or plastic, but there are rigid male catheters available too. Once taken from the package, the condom or penile sheath is either unrolled or placed over the penis. If it is comes with adhesive already included inside than it is just a matter of making sure the skin was clean and dry beforehand. If it is not pre-glued than there will be instructions about how and wear to apply the adhesive depending upon the manufacturer. Some don’t take glue at all, but use a foam ring or an inflatable ring to keep the condom catheter in place. Once the base unit is secured, it is simple to attach the hose and whatever capacity leg bag is desired. For most men, this entire process becomes second nature and can be done quickly almost anywhere in minutes.

An external catheter is a great choice for men that like to stay active and spontaneous. Incontinence can be brought on by so many medical conditions that there are now thousands of men annually that must learn to deal with some form of bladder control problem. It is very easy to use male catheters and they are safe and affordable. They also eliminate certain problems like bladder spasms that may come from using a foley catheter. Practice makes perfect and in the end most men will find that these devices are perfectly wonderful!

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