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OrabrushThis Orabrush review focuses on the effectiveness of this product and how it can put an end to the bad breath problem. There are Orabrush customer reviews on the web and the vast majority of them focuses on the fact that the Orabrush is a far more effective device at eliminating bad breath and promoting general oral hygiene than a common tongue scraper.

The man behind the Orabrush tongue cleaner

Released in 2009, Orabrush is a relatively new product and it focuses on cleaning the mouth in just two easy steps. Dr. Bob Wagstaff, a biochemist and nutritionist is the inventor of this innovative tongue scraper and brush duet. The invention was only part of the story, the marketing was not an easy journey. It took more than 8 years from creation in his home workshop to finally finding some success. But in a few short years later, the Orabrush is recognized as an industry leader and used in millions of homes to combat bad breath. How successful is it? In a few short years it has inspired hundreds of rave reviews online from users all around the world.

How does Orabrush work?

If you were to look at your tongue right now chances are that it has at least a small white spot. Wonder what it may be? Well, the answer is simple: bacteria. Most people keep on brushing their teeth, using mouth wash and flossing but they forget about their tongue. Studies have shown that almost 90% of bad breath cases are caused by a bacteria buildup up on the tongue.

Some people decide that they don’t have to use a tongue scraper and instead they clean their tongue with a plain toothbrush. This is ineffective and in fact it will spread the bacteria instead of removing it. Orabrush has soft bristles that are able to go deep into the small crevices of your tongue and remove the bacteria from there. Next, the scraper is utilized and it takes away all the smelly bacteria that is loosened easily and effectively. It is the two in one solution of loosening and then removing the bacteria that makes this tool such a superior product.

Orabrush in stores

The initial success of the Orabrush was due to online shoppers and some clever marketing. Fortunately, now there are several retailers that have started to carry it, such as Target or Walgreens. Overseas, you can find Orabrush in UK at Boots. Worldwide it can be purchased online with great savings on Amazon if you like to do your shopping online.

On their website you can find many clever and informative videos where people share their Orabrush experiences. One video features a man unwrapping the Orabrush and testing it live on camera. Another has a man who bought an Orabrush for each member of his family and they videotaped themselves while using them. If you already have an Orabrush, share your experience with the community, or you may be so thrilled with your purchase that you make your own oral care video!

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