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Cranberry Juice BenefitsWhy should women take a second look at what has long been thought to be cranberry juice benefits positively affecting urinary tract infections? Because studies have shown that cranberry juice is not a miracle cure for UTI and may even be a factor causing the infections to reoccur with more frequency.

Cranberry juice benefits have often included claims that it works to cleanse the body and eliminate bacteria in the urinary tract and via altering the pH balance in a positive way. Nevertheless, in laboratory tests these claims were not confirmed. Despite the recent findings of a large study by the NIH National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine and the results being opened to the public in the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, clearly showing that cranberry juice was not effective and in fact may have increased urinary tract problems in young women, the myths continue to spread. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading a woman’s magazine or looking for natural recipes, or seeking a way to cleanse the body with juices, the idea that cranberry juice is a miracle formula for women permeates everything.

The manufacturers of cranberry juice and cranberry products push the health benefits and worse yet, it’s almost impossible to find a single trustworthy suggestion on how to alleviate a urinary tract infection naturally without finding outdated information that promotes cranberry juice benefits.

About the best advice available is that women who have chronic UTI will need to take antibiotics and the few natural therapies offered, aside from those involving cranberry, point to increasing vitamin C intake, eating raw garlic and cleansing the urinary/vaginal area with a garlic wash/ douche.

While women need to take a second look at what they’ve believed to be cranberry juice benefits in terms of combating UTI, it would also be marvelous if natural medicine experts would step up and offer suggestion for alternative treatments that women may be able to try.

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