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Social Anxiety DisorderAnyone that has experienced the social phobia problem will know that the feeling of being self-conscious is one of the common traits of this problem. The patient may suddenly become overwhelmed by thoughts of others judging and staring and they may wish that they could just disappear because they cannot handle the imaginary spotlight. Like any other forms of fear, social phobia disorder can be a very debilitating state of mind with the capability to ruin lives, careers, families and wreck a person’s self-esteem. Any person suffering from social phobia disorder or social anxiety may need working approaches to overcome this problem. If you are such a person, here are some tips that may help:

a) You need to learn to stop worrying that people may be thinking of you or talking about you and instead learn to be comfortable with who you are or the people you are with. This may not be as simple as it sounds but with patience and practice, you will begin to convince yourself that people are not so concerned about your presence unless you choose to attract attention.

b) Start practicing being with people you are more comfortable with such as workmates and family members. Learn to participate in conversations and become interested unfamiliar topics of conversation. Most importantly, learn to laugh in a group and let yourself be at ease in a crowd.

c) If the problem is rooted in some self-beliefs or other fears such as the fear of open spaces or the fear of small spaces, you should try to deal with the core cause of the problem first – address the other situations. Fear is a state of mind but cannot be easily changed because of the complexity in beliefs but the bottom line is that you can change this and get stop being so fearful of unrealistic things.

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