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Acne Scar Laser RemovalThe scarring that can occur from acne goes beyond just the cosmetic effects. Many teens and adults suffer self esteem and depression issues because of them. With advances in acne scar laser removal the ability to treat this condition has never been better.

Among various methods to treat acne scars the acne laser scar treatment is one of the most effective; this method is especially great for severe acne. The method uses laser light to remove the upper skin layer where the acne scars are. The laser beam also burns the sebaceous gland that is in charge of oil production.

Basically, the laser treatment has two types according to the lasers used: ablative and non-ablative laser treatment. Non-ablative treatment is older, and mainly used for light and mild acne cases. It actually does not remove the skin layer, but heats the sebaceous glands instead, which prevents acne growth. This method encourages collagen production that leads to a tighter and smoother skin surface.

Among non-ablative lasers there is a yellow pulse dye laser, which is often used on keloidal scars. The laser makes the scars less apparent by flattening them. This method is almost painless.

Ablative lasers are considered to be more contemporary, and they are used to remove the top skin layer where acne scars reside. A laser ray burns the affected tissue away; also the collagen that is situated under that tissue gets activated to smooth the scarred area. This method is more intensive, and is good for deep scars.

To some people it may seem that the cost of laser acne scar removal is very high. Generally it is true, but it is because:

– The treatment is very effective.

– It is almost painless, easy, and has a very small chance of possible side effects.

– It involves using modern technologies and requires a qualified staff to operate laser equipment.

But think about it in another way:  all these points are actually about the quality of the treatment, which means that ultimately you will simply enjoy the clean, smooth and healthy skin!

Normally one session of an acne scar laser removal treatment will cost $300 – $500 and since y0u will have several sessions to complete the treatment, the total price can be around $1000 or $2000. If this is completely out of the question financially then discuss acne scar creams with a dermatologist.

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