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Non Prescription Colored Contact LensesNon Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Do you get tired of having the same eye color on a daily basis? If you find yourself thinking this then you should try getting non prescription colored contacts for your everyday use.  Contact lenses can be found without a prescription in almost any color imaginable. Whether or not you want to go from blue to green, green to blue, brown to green, or green to brown it is possible. Even if you want to have contacts that are not a natural color (such as lilac or red) this can be done too. There are many different choices in the contact world and below are a few of the reasons why these different styles can be chosen by anyone.

Natural Colored Contacts

Often we find ourselves wanting to have green eyes when we have blue eyes, or brown eyes when we have blue eyes. Satisfaction with eye color is not easily achieved! But significant change is now possible with natural colored contacts purchased either online or at your local eyeglass or contacts retailer. Natural colored contact lenses are often found more easily than  other ones due to the fact that they are the ones most often purchased. These contacts can be a fun way to change or enhance your natural eye color. If you have a soft blue eye color you can create a darker eye color by having a darker lens. If you are going for a hazel look you can also purchase these colored contacts as well. The whole idea behind these contacts is that you feel comfortable and have the eye color you want.

Unnatural Colored Contacts

Colors not commonly found in natural eyes are a growing trend for those wishing to stand out in a crowd. These contacts are generally found in colors such as emerald green, dark magenta, pure black, pure white, red and sometimes orange.  This type of contact is best worn during fun events like Halloween, but they can be for every day use as well. No matter what color you can dream up, there is a manufacturer standing by to produce it.

Design Contacts

If you are looking for a pair of contacts that aren’t the same old colors but have a unique design, there are those types as well. Not only can you find a pair of contacts that are in the shape of cat eyes, but you can find contacts with alien eyes, evil eyes, or vampire eyes. These can generally be found more around Halloween, or from specialty stores online.

Before choosing your non prescription colored contact lenses be sure that you have seen an eye doctor and had an eye exam. Even though the contacts are non prescription, you will still need to be fitted for them. Your eye doctor will be able to help you with all of your contact questions and any other concerns you may have concerning purchasing your new contacts.

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