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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight LossThe difficulty in losing significant amounts of weight is sticking to a good diet and exercise scheme, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts around this. There are, however, several available nutritional supplements that might help you lose weight on top of what you would normally lose while dieting. Some of the more promising ones include apple cider vinegar, Alli, and protein shakes.

An all-natural supplement that may help you lose weight is apple cider vinegar. This folk remedy has been pushed as a cure for almost everything; in most, it fails. But there is evidence from studies on humans that taking about two tablespoons a day may help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol. If you take it long term, you should be aware that it can make bones weak. So those prone to bone diseases may want to steer clear.

Alli is an over the counter weight loss drug that appears to be somewhat effective in helping people lose small amounts of weight. The active ingredient is a drug called orlistat, which can help block fat absorption and thus lower your intake of calories. It must be taken in conjunction with a good diet and exercise plan, however, as it is ineffective by itself. Coupled with this, Alli might be one of the best diet pills for weight loss on the market.

Finally, one of the most popular methods of losing weight is by cutting back on carbohydrates. There is some truth to this, as starches and other fast carbs can often lead to more calorie consumption than fats, which are more satisfying in the long term. Replacing some of your meals with protein shakes can help cut down the amount of carbs you take in, and thus may help you lose a bit of weight. One of the best protein powders for this purpose is casein powder, low in any kind of sugar, but with at least some fat. Casein is a slower absorbing protein, and thus good to keep your blood sugar even throughout the day.

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