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Mega Red Krill OilYou have probably heard many times how beneficial omega-3 fatty acids are for your health. What you probably don’t know is that omega-3 fatty acids are not the same everywhere in nature and this is one distinction that makes krill oil better than fish oil as a supplement.

Both fish oil and krill oil contain the three essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA, EPA and ALA. However, the three fatty acids are combined differently in the structure of the oils. The way in which the fatty acids are put together in krill oil is very similar to the way fats are combined in our body. This basically means that our body will recognize the structure and will assimilate krill oil faster and more efficiently. Even if on a product label it says that fish oil contains DHA and EPA in a certain quantity, this information is useless if the body cannot efficiently absorb it. The end result is that you take the supplements for nothing.

Another reason for choosing krill oil is that with krill oil you won’t experience the fishy taste and you won’t have stomach problems afterwards. Given that  krill oil is fresh and pure it will be rapidly absorbed by the body and you won’t feel it in your stomach for hours to come as usually happens with fish oil.

Mega red krill oil contains Astaxanthin, which is considered by some to be the secret to eternal youth. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent skin damage and the formation of wrinkles. Of course, taking krill oil won’t keep you young forever, but it can certainly prolong the natural beauty of your body. The best part is that Astaxanthin doesn’t only work on the skin. It also helps cells in the vital organs stay young and healthy. You might hear that fish oil also contains antioxidants. It does, but they are far from being as powerful as those contained by krill oil.

All in all, krill oil is simply more efficient because the human body recognizes its structure, absorbs it better, and takes its components to where they are needed. The good news is that krill oil is great for people of all ages – you can even find krill oil for kids which has been especially tailored for the needs of little ones.

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