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Arnica Muscle ReliefWith so many arnica products available, like arnica cream and homeopathic tablets it’s a comfort to know that there is merit to what’s been said about this powerful little plant across the centuries! Ancient people understood the implications very clearly and now in modern times we find ourselves rediscovering arnica through science.

There are more and more studies being done proving the ancient wisdom that surrounds arnica cream use. For instance arnica has been used by indigenous peoples to reduce inflammation (swelling) and wound healing for centuries. In an article published in the journal “Ultrasonics”,  by researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center in May of 2009 it was reported that when used on the skin, mice treated with arnica showed decreased inflammation when compared to a group of mice that didn’t receive any treatment. There is also a long history of arnica montana being used to help heal bruises. As recently as April of 2010 a study was published (by researchers at Northwestern University Illinois in the “British Journal of Dermatology”) which showed that people who were intentionally bruised received a significant improvement in their condition due to the use of arnica cream. The treatments were said to work just as well as other widely used and effective substances (vitamin K, retinol etc.).

These studies and others like them only confirm what many dermatologists, professional athletes and massage therapists have known for years. Using arnica cream works. When used for crows feet, sprains and as a middle back pain treatment for work associated strain, it is an easy non-invasive way to go. Because popular topical preparations are frequently made from a mother tincture there are indeed significant amounts of the medically active ingredients (helenalin, thymol derivatives) contained within them.  There are also many arnica preparations that can be used internally as well as the wide range of topical products available.

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