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Vitamin B12 ShotVitamin B12 injections are usually prescribed for patients having special cases. These patients include the elderly who cannot easily absorb vitamins in their bodies and those with moderate to severe vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms. Despite its effective treatment, vitamin B12 shots have shown several internal and external side effects.

Externally, the skin around the injected area may turn red, swell and become painful. It can also lead to minor irritations or severe rash in the form of hives or eczema. Hives appear like flat patches of wounds with external borders. They are itchy and can develop around the body. Unlike hives, eczema has thick surfaces because it usually contains liquid. It looks similar to pimples, blisters and red bumps. Cold compress or ice application is the common first aid for allergies that develop outside the body.

Vitamin B12 shots can also have side effects that are more serious as it develops inside the body. These include pain, fever, numbness, tingling, nausea, upset stomach, weakness, dizziness, diarrhea and headache. Severe reactions such as chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, unexplainable pain in the limbs and swelling and warmth of the body can also occur.

Any of these external or internal side effects are caused by an allergic reaction in the immune system. As a new substance, the injection is normally interpreted by the body as dangerous. When this happens, the body releases anti-bodies to combat the vitamin. Excessive amounts of anti-bodies trigger the cells to form histamine, a substance that protects the body from infection, but can cause swelling and inflammation. Antihistamine is then prescribed to counter the inflammation and swelling caused by histamine. Aside from this, hydrocortisone is also recommended to treat any external signs of allergies.

In taking any kind of medication, it is necessary to find out its possible side effects to the body. It is also important to know the body’s tolerance for the medication. Allergy testing is helpful for individuals who are unsure if they have any form of allergies or not. It is usually done through blood or skin testing. Remember that allergies can be fatal. Therefore, never neglect any signs or symptoms related to it. Immediately consult a physician for urgent treatment.

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