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Phlebotomy ExamIn a world where clinical science is forever moving forward, phlebotomists are becoming more and more sought after. It is good paying job that has few requirements for study, making it ideal for somebody interested in this profession and the financial advantages of pursuing it. The biggest part of the job is the safe collection of various fluids from animal or human patients, most commonly blood. Once collected, the samples are then labeled and stored, ready for laboratory testing and doctor diagnosis.

In addition to the collection of blood samples, a phlebotomist has a number of other duties that may include bits of office administration, data entry (usually entering test results in a laboratory computer system) and other clerical duties. It is of the utmost importance that all of these duties are carried out expertly and professionally according to hospital or clinic guidelines to prevent accidents or confusion. The tiniest of mistakes can have serious repercussions in a medical environment.

An individual seeking a career on this path has to undergo the required phlebotomy training. These courses can span different periods of time, depending on which additional ‘blocks’ are taken and where the person is hoping to head in this field. There are some courses which take as little as three months, or as many as a couple of years. A knowledge of physiology, sample collection, blood diseases and safe apparatus use is taught, amongst other things. Communication skills are also greatly promoted during a phlebotomist’s education as they are in direct communication with both patient and doctor on a day to day basis. It is essential that a phlebotomist knows how to handle infants, sickly patients and even the mentally ill. Many people are afraid of having blood drawn and reassurance is key to achieving optimum patient care. Once training is complete, it is strongly advised that a phlebotomy certification exam is taken. While this is not legally necessary in most states, most hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities will insist on this recognized qualification before considering an applicant for hire.

Medicinal science is always surging forward and in order to keep up, the key role of a phlebotomist is always going to be needed. This is an excellent, profitable and rewarding career path for a person looking to enter this field.

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