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32DDD BrasJapanese women are turning towards breast implants to achieve the “American” look that is becoming so pervasive along the Pacific Rim. It is little wonder that many Asian women are considering implantation because, in general, the body type of these woman make them more likely to have small breasts or a figure that does not fit the standard definitions of Western beauty. Many everyday housewives and school girls are even traveling to Hawaii and California to visit American doctors to make sure that they are getting the look they desire.

The streets of Tokyo are suddenly alive with new body types. First the procedure takes place, but quickly the surgical bra is given up for a fashionable new strapless bra to show off their bodies in ways that were culturally frowned upon until recent decades. The Japanese men only encourage this behavior and are becoming quite fond of these petite ladies with the large chests. 32DDD bras and other sizes for small women with large busts are uncommon in America, but increasingly becoming the standard in Asia.

It is hard to predict when this cycle will end and Japanese and other Asian women will return to a more traditional look and embrace their roots. The world has viewed Asian women as truly beautiful for thousands of years and now modern cosmetic procedures may cheapen an entire race of people. Many equate this behavior as yet another bad influence of American culture and also of cosmetic surgeons preying on women with low self-esteem. Others cite the fact that the Japanese are some of the most highly educated people in any country and these choices are perfectly rational and made only after careful consideration. Either way, the trend shows no sign of slowing down in the coming decades as Hollywood continues to push the busty look in television and movies.

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