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Caffeine and DiabetesDid you know that your favorite beverage coffee can also help reduce your diabetes risk? According to a new study, it is proved that drinking coffee reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes by over 50%.

In a report published in ‘Diabetes’ journal, it was mentioned that women who drink three to four cups of coffee daily have less risk of getting diabetes. It is confirmed that coffee gives a protective cover against Type 2 diabetes; however, the reason behind it is not known as of yet. At University of California in Los Angeles, experts have discovered that there is a probable molecular mechanism that is preventing the metabolic condition.

A probable justification
A glycoprotein named sex hormone–binding globulin (SHBG) is responsible for producing sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. In women, the prime cause of diabetes is due to the imbalance of these sex hormones and the symptoms of diabetes are well defined. Coffee intake increases the plasma level of SHBG, thus keeping up the right level of insulin to make the body work in the required manner.

Facts and results of the study
To expose the association between type 2 diabetes and caffeine, a study was initiated by study author and epidemiology doctoral student, Atsushi Goto and co-author and professor of epidemiology and medicine at UCLA, Dr. Simin Liu where they examined 359 diabetes patients and also the same number of healthy people of same age range and race. They choose people for examination from the database of nearly 400,000 women who had signed up in a large scale Women’s Health Study.

Risk of type 2 diabetes is reduced with the increased level of SHBG in the blood, stated Dr Liu. Their study also verified that regular coffee drinkers were 56% less likely to get diabetes compared to individuals who do not intake coffee. A great reason to increase your coffee intake and carry your travel cup holder with you for ease of drinking anywhere you go.

An increased level of sex hormone–binding globulin was found in women who consumed around three to four cups of coffee when compared with non-coffee drinking women. Researchers also confirmed that if the glycoprotein levels were regulated, the shielding cover of coffee was gone. It is believed that when taken in excess even nectar turns into poison. Same is the case with coffee. Even though it is proved that caffeine decreases chances of diabetes in middle aged women, it is not sensible to drink too much coffee, say experts. So limit yourself to one or two cups of coffee in your drink holder to decrease your chances of diabetes.

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