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how to hypnotizeLearning how to hypnotize yourself can be very beneficial because hypnosis has proven to be one of the most effective tools for self improvement in recent years. Our behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and responses in any given situations are largely determined by contents of subconscious mind. It is storehouse of our oldest memories, experiences and the way we have perceived them.

Our mind is vulnerable to the external environment. Especially in our childhood we received suggestions unconsciously from our parents, teachers, friends and society. Those suggestions were not always beneficial to us; many times they interrupted our progress and personal development. But it has become part of our mental conditioning. Hypnosis offers us opportunity to rewrite our slate with programs that are beneficial to us and helpful in our personal growth.

Usually hypnosis is done by a doctor, psychologist, healer or hypnotherapist on a subject for a number of reasons. Self hypnosis is taking control of the process of suggestion in our hand without any need of a hypnotist. With various hypnosis tools easily available like brainwave entrainment programs, recorded hypnosis sessions, hypnosis script etc; it has become very easy to learn how to hypnotize yourself in comfort of your home.

All you need it a comfortable chair or bed, CD of hypnosis session and music player or voice recorder (hypnosis script recorded in your own voice), and stereo headphones. Lie down or sit comfortably in whatever position you like. The best way to relax is full body stretching with maximum possible strength and then release completely. It will release most of the tension from body.

For remaining stress, concentration on specific body part and command it to relax mentally. Say silently ‘Relax‚ĶRelax’, and feel the feeling of relaxation. Do it with all body parts from bottom to top. (In case of guided hypnosis session such instructions are already recorded, you just need to follow it as guided.)

Breathe deeply and slowly. Start hypnotic induction by visualizing 10 stair steps. As you move down each stair you become more relaxed and reach deeper into your mind. As you reach the last stair, most probably you will be in a trance state. In a trance, conscious mind loses its control to the subconscious mind. And once again like a child you are open to suggestions but this time only those suggestions which you want to receive.

There are infinite possibilities with hypnosis. For therapeutic purposes like reducing stress; overcoming panic attacks and anxiety; curing depression and traumas; healing insomnia and other sleep related disorders, strengthening immune system etc. For self improvement areas like developing confidence and self esteem; improving memory and concentration; cultivating self discipline for exercising regularly, eating healthy food, hypnosis to stop smoking and implementing diet tips to lose weight; calming mind to enhance practice of meditation for beginners. It is amazing how many problems can be fixed once people learn how to hypnotize themselves.

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