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ankle bursitis treatmentTreating ankle bursitis takes time, but the effort can pay off with increased mobility and less pain. Ankle bursitis is a painful condition characterized by swelling around the joints due to inflammation of the bursae sacs. Any large joint in the human body can be affected, but ankles are especially prone to this problem. Fortunately for those so affected there are many ankle bursitis treatment options that are inexpensive and easy to do.

Bursitis is caused by swollen bursae sacs, which are filled with synovial fluid and help muscles and tendons slide easily across each other. An accident, overuse, or an illness can all cause these fluid filled sacs to become inflamed and cause swelling in the surrounding area. Those that suffer with rheumatoid arthritis are especially likely to be struck with bursitis.

One of the easiest treatments is similar to that of an ankle sprain. The affected ankle (or both) should be elevated and it important to try to rest and stay off the feet. The use of ice or other cold compresses will be helpful to reduce the inflammation that normally is present. It is very difficult for many people to stay off of their feet long enough to help this problem, but time out is the best treatment. If the rest, elevation and ice are not entirely effective an anti-inflammatory can be taken. Many common brands that are sold over-the-counter are very effective. Custom shoe inserts may help with some pain when walking, but avoid any type of compression stocking or bandage.

Prolonged ankle bursitis can indicate a more serious problem and a doctor should definitely be consulted if it does persist. This is not a terribly common condition and for many people it is easily treated without any serious long-term side effects. Force yourself to relax and rest and you can conquer ankle bursitis.

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