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Sleep BetterIt’s a strange phenomenon – why do we sleep for a third of our lives? Obviously, sleep must be critically important to physical and mental functioning. Unfortunately, we don’t give sleep the cultural importance equal to its biological importance – in fact, we often take our ‘sleeplessness’ as a badge of honor of sorts. To change this, here are some ways to improve your sleep and make it a more important aspect of your life:

First, make sure your bedroom is only for sleeping. Get rid of your computer and TV, as these will distract you from your main goal. The only form of entertainment you should allow is reading, as this is a good way to get yourself wound down and sleepy at night.

Next, set a schedule so that you’re going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every day, even during the weekends. This will let your body’s normal schedule take over, so you can let biology run its course. You may find that you can eventually abandon your alarm clock, even on work days, and you’ll end up feeling better rested and regulated throughout the day.

Lose weight and exercise. These two activities alone will have profound impacts on the ultimate quality of your sleep. This is also, incidentally, the best way to stop snoring – you’ll sleep more restfully and soundly due to the lost weight. This will help both your sleeping patterns and those of your sleeping partner.

Drink water before bed. Water is a crucial component for our body, so if you’re short on it, every body system will suffer in a profound way. One of the benefits of drinking water is overall improved health, including sleeping habits, especially when you drink water in place of caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages.

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