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benefits of muscle milkLike almost every protein powder that is introduced, Muscle Milk has received negative and positive reviews. So how does the benefits of Muscle Milk compare to other protein powders on the market? Is using Muscle Milk both safe and effective.

First let’s quickly take a look at the muscle milk nutrition values (what it contains) and how it works. Muscle Milk has the word “milk” in its name because Cytosport created a formula which was designed to mimic a mother’s milk. Of course this isn’t actually milk from a mother – human or otherwise. It is a combination of nutrients that will help your body build muscle and also recover after workouts. A mother’s milk is rich in nutrients to help a growing child. Muscle Milk also contains an ideal balance of ingredients to help grow your muscles and burn fat.

As with any protein powder, Muscle Milk can be used for either muscle building or weight loss. However, for weight loss it is best to use Muscle Milk Light. For serious athletes the Muscle Milk Collegiate line is best. For users that are looking to gain weight you can mix your shake with whole milk, which will increase the carbs and calories. When you purchase your Muscle Milk protein powder it will have instructions as far as dosage. How many times you take it depends on the frequency and intensity of your workouts.

When taking any type of protein powder or muscle building supplement, it is very important that you accompany it with a serious and strict workout regimen. If you just take Muscle Milk and don’t workout then you will most likely gain weight but with not in the form of desirable muscle. So for users who are looking to gain weight, be sure to have a good weight lifting program so that you can grow lean muscle mass. For those taking Muscle Milk to lose weight be sure to use the necessary amount to fulfill your daily requirement of protein and stick with a workout of at least 3 times a week.

There are many benefits of Muscle Milk and it is a great protein powder that can be very effective when used appropriately. If you have any serious health problems or allergies it is always best to consult with your doctor before taking any muscle building or weight loss supplement. This particular protein powder is lactose free and most importantly many consumers agree that Muscle Milk is one of the best tasting supplements. They have a wide variety of flavors including chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, and cake batter!

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