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The back is a complex piece of work and if you’re experiencing chronic middle back pain it’s important that you have a doctor evaluate it as soon as possible. Assuming that you don’t have any bone or organ problems and it’s just the muscles that have been injured in some way, the process of healing yourself is actually fairly straightforward.

There are two main parts of fixing middle back problems. The first step is letting the back heal, but for optimal recovery you can’t just sit back and hope that it goes back to its original state. If you do, the muscles will heal back much tighter and this makes it much more difficult to work them than before – which also means that they are more susceptible to injury. It’s a good idea (after running it by your doctor of course ) to try lightly stretching the muscle each day to ensure that they are getting some form of movement and work. This will prevent them from tightening up completely and will make it easier for you to recover your full range of motion.

Once it’s healed, then you will also want to do some strength building exercises to build the middle back muscles up. Muscles will heal, but they usually end up weaker than they were before. Having weaker muscles is an easy way to hurt yourself even worse in the future, so you need to do your best to avoid that. If you have a gym to go to you may want to ask a trainer there how to best work the muscles, or if not, then your doctor or physical therapist may be able to establish a suitable daily exercise routine at home for you to do.

Proper recovery from chronic middle back pain is not just pain management- it’s also making sure you heal properly and end up with little to no difference in your muscular abilities. This will keep you in the best shape possible through your life.

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