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nasal steamer by Vick'sFor many allergy sufferers, the benefits of a multi-purpose nasal steamer make it an indispensable part of life. But it is not just those suffering from allergies that can gain from a personal steamer.  Used with our without oils, this machine can deliver almost instant relief for many common conditions including sinusitis, nasal congestion, and dry mucus membranes. The warm steam can also provide relief from many cold and flu symptoms such as chest congestion and sore throat and other ailments like bronchitis, laryngitis and hay fever. These wonderful devices are not just for those that are under the weather, however. Aromatherapy is a popular use of nasal steamers, too. Picking out a great personal inhaler means checking all the features and finding a model that is easy to use while offering a whole host of steaming options.

Features to look for in a personal steamer

There are so many models on the market today that it is easy to just settle on one without doing the proper homework. From user reviews, there are certain features that top machines offer. They include:

Cord length – This is often overlooked but very important. Because a steam machine may be used in many parts of the house look for one with at least a 5 foot cord. This makes it far easier to use on a tall table or countertop without always worrying about an extension cord.

Aromatherapy tank or pad holder – Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and other natural oils are all great  to use in a steamer. Make sure that the model you are considering has a tank for an aromatherapy mixture. Some machines use a pad system, but most users seem to prefer a separate tank. Aromatherapy oils only require a few drops and the ability to mix at home will keep the cost down.

mabias nasal steamerAuto shutoff & timer – For safety reasons, a reliable steamer should have an automatic shutoff that triggers when the tank is empty or when the machine is tipped over. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination and a proper safety shutoff is a must.  A timer is also desirable as it lets you set the length of the session and makes sure that you are staying consistent with your treatments.

Comfortable face shield – The nasal steamer should have an ergonomically designed shield or mask that hugs the face to keep the steam in, but does not cause discomfort. It is hard to judge form just viewing online so check consumer reviews for particular models. With the popularity of facials and steaming the pores, this steamer may be used quite a bit and even a little discomfort can quickly become annoying on a daily basis.

There are some top machines that have most if not all of these desirable features. The Mabias Steam Inhaler is a top choice as is the Vick’s Personal Steam Inhaler. Both of these models are well reviewed and can be purchase for around $35. Steam has been used for centuries to cure a wide variety of problems and today it is easier than ever to enjoy the health benefits that steam provides. Relief can be just the click of a switch away with a compact home machine.

by Bob Parker

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