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best enema for constipation

Popular brand of blackstrap molasses used in enemas

The causes of constipation in men and women can be due to myriad problems, but, there are enemas that will help the bowels move freely for most anyone regardless of age or gender. A Milk and Molasses Enema (MME) has proven time and again to deliver results. Obviously, the best enema for those wondering how to get rid of constipation is the one that works for a particular individual and for many, an MME fills the bill.

The Milk and Molasses Enema has literally been in use for over a hundred years and it is still administered in medical facilities all over the country for effective relief. There are many variations, but the most common milk and molasses enema recipe is one that is usually mixed from traditional blackstrap molasses and an equal amount of milk. This is warmed in a pan to help the molasses properly combine with the milk. Once sufficiently warmed, the mixture is poured into a standard enema bag and the rest of the regimen is virtually the same as a traditional enema. The nozzle is inserted into the rectum and the contents drained from the bag and held by the patient.  The molasses causes a spasm within the bowel and the results are a swift evacuation.

Many people who suffer from constipation appreciate this method because it not only works, but it is all natural. Best of all, there have been several studies done to compare the safety and efficacy of this method to traditional sodium biphosphate or sodium phosphate enemas (like Fleet enemas). The concern occasionally raised is a possible electrolyte imbalance. However, a 2008 study approved by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Institutional Review Board comparing a MME to a sodium phosphate enema revealed no statistical differences between the two. Another (albeit much smaller) study at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City came away with similar results.

Like any home remedy for constipation, before attempting an MME it should be discussed with a physician. A doctor is well qualified to determine how an individual may be affected based on other underlying health conditions. This is also a great time to ask questions:  how warm should the mixture be, is treacle a safe substitute for molasses, how many cups of molasses and milk should be used, can a MME be used by someone with lactose intolerance, and how often should an MME be administered?  A milk and molasses enemas is easily one of the best enemas for constipation, but a Fleet enema is still a solid choice and a perfectly viable alternative as are laxatives and suppositories. It may take experimenting to determine which works the best for your needs.

by Bob Parker

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