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kylie sheets for incontinenceThe nightly struggles with regular urinary incontinence or the occasional bladder leakage can be greatly lessened with the right product. Kylie sheets for incontinence are easily one of the easiest and most reliable ways to help anyone suffering from bladder control problems. Whether used in conjunction with another device like a condom catheter or just to act as a protective barrier for a temporary ailment, Kylie incontinence sheets really work.

Who uses incontinence sheets?

The number of people using an incontinence bed pad regularly is staggering. Of course, many of the top medical facilities like hospitals and homes for the elderly rely on them to help keep those that are bedridden dry and more comfortable. Any family that finds they have a child that wets the bed will also find a Kylie sheet to be most beneficial. A home caregiver will often employ them as well especially when caring for someone that has a mental or physical ailment that may make reaching the bathroom difficult. Chronic incontinence suffers like those with overactive bladder syndrome find them to be very convenient.  Finally, there are pet owners who actually use these sheets to protect the bedding from an older pet that may be experiencing loss of bladder function.

Types of Kylie incontinence sheets

The general structure of these pads is the same across the product line.  A top layer quickly and efficiently wicks away moisture to a sublayer where it can be locked away and kept away from the user’s skin. The biggest variance is in size and absorption level. These bed sheets come in four common sizes that are sure to work with most bedding: 50×74 cm, 91×74 cm, 91×91 cm, and 91×127 cm. These four sizes will absorb from 1 to 4 litres, respectively. With large wings that tuck securely under the mattress for a snug fit and with the ability to wash them up to 200 times, the Kylie incontinence bed sheets are a true value!

Where to purchase incontinence sheets for beds

In the UK and Australia they can generally be purchased at major medical supply houses, Amazon or even Boots. The prices generally range from a low of approximately £15 to a top end of £50. When buyers factor in the cost of a new mattress and other bedding that may be saved by this simple product, it is, indeed, a bargain. In some markets, stores may only carry a chux pad, which is a smaller beach towel sized absorbent pad that rests on top of a sheet. This works in the same way to lock away wetness. Most European cities have a distributor for Kylie sheets, though. By Bob Parker

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