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home remedies for skin tagsConsidering the many home remedies for skin tags? This article will present some of the many methods to consider as well as discussing why certain ones are the best and safest. Learning how to remove skin tags naturally is important because this can often eliminate a tag without pain or harmful chemicals.

Home remedies often provide an effective method for dealing with many minor health problems and this includes the common skin tag.  Not all methods for skin tag removal are safe or effective. The first step in removal is understanding the nature of this skin condition.

Skin Tags Go by Many Names

Skin tags, also referred to as acrochordons, also go by a variety of other scientific names, such as fibroma pendulum, papilloma coli, soft fibroma, and fibroepithelial polyp, just to name a few. The skin tag, which may also have a stalk, is represented by a hanging piece of skin in areas such as the neck, the upper portion of the chest, the armpits, the groin, and even the eyelids.

How Skin Tags Form

While not cancerous or harmful, skin tags can be annoying and result, primarily, from obesity or, in some cases, because of one’s ancestry. In very rare instances, skin tags can simply drop off. However, most people remove the tags at home as it is cheaper and therefore an easier solution than visiting a dermatologist.  You will often find skin tags in the folds of the skin. Therefore, doctors believe that the tags result from a crease or fold of skin rubbing against the skin, which causes the poly to develop.

What People Are Most Likely to Develop a Skin Tag?

Skin tags usually appear after the age of 40 and usually occur among obese people as they have more creases or folds in their skin. Other people prone to skin tags include pregnant women and there has been much studying done to link skin tags and diabetes. People who use steroids illegally can also develop skin tags as the tags can also occur as the result of the bonding of collagen, which can result when steroids are used to excess.

Safe Methods for Removing Skin Tags at Home

Below are some common household remedies that have proven to be winners by many people dealing with a skin tag. Many of them only require common ingredients that a person may already have a home or are easily (and cheaply) purchased. As always, a visit to a dermatologist is always the safest and most effective venture.

Using Tea Tree Oil as a Remedy

One way to remove skin tags involves the use of tea tree oil. Simply wash and dry the skin tag area and mix three drops of the oil with water and apply the resultant mix to the skin tag. Repeat this procedure daily until the tag falls off.

Nail Polish Can be Used

A castor oil and baking soda paste can also be used to remove skin tags. However, if you are so inclined, you might also try finger nail polish as well. Just apply the polish to the tag for several days until it goes by the wayside. It is recommended to use a clear polish. Otherwise, the shiny colorful blob may be far more offensive looking than a small skin tag!

Using Duct Tape

Duct tape has also been used for skin tag removal at home. Cover the skin tag with the tape until the skin tag begins to lose its hold. Repeat the process until the skin tag finally comes off.

Vitamin E Oil Can Get Rid of Skin Tags, Too

A bandage and vitamin E oil will also get rid of a skin tag. Simply put a drop of the oil on a small bandage and place it over the tag until it finally loosens its grip.

Skin Tag Removal Methods NOT Recommended

Cutting off skin tags with either a nail clippers or scissors is a common practice.  However, you also risk getting an infection using this method if your cutting instrument is not adequately sterilized and you don’t use a fair amount of alcohol. This procedure is often used in desperation. However, you really should not follow through with the process as there are much better ways to remove skin tags – like the methods previously described. There are many safe methods for removing skin tags at home which do not include using scissors or nail clippers.

Practice home removal with caution. Nothing will ever work as well or be as safe as a visit to a dermatologist!

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