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yowza sanibel elliptical reviewI have to confess something:  I am not a big fan of elliptical trainers. I thought for me there would never be a substitute for getting a good run across several miles of asphalt. So when I was offered the chance to review the Yowza Sanibel Elliptical Machine, I was admittedly skeptical. Even worse, the Yowza name did not really ring any bells in my mind even though I have been involved in fitness for quite some time.  After having used it for several months now, I just had to share my experience with others who may be on the fence about considering a Yowza Elliptical Trainer.

The first big reason for my satisfaction is the ability to work out the entire body – not just the legs. That is because aside from the pedaling motion of an elliptical, the Yowza also has upper body handlebars, which rotate in a clockwise-anticlockwise direction, and timed in perfect sync with the pedaling motion of your feet. The result is that your body simulates the motion of a bicycle crunch, only upright. Couple that with a good resistance level, and you get one heck of a workout that shapes the front abs, obliques, and the legs in one go.

The second reason is the great choice of workout programs. In the Yowza Sanibel, there are 12 workout programs, each of which are further subdivided into different intensity levels. That means you can progress as gradually as you want, or as intensely as you want – it is up to you. There is also the option to guide your workout using your own heart rate. Here the machine will automatically change the resistance to prevent you from exerting yourself too much as you exercise.

Finally, I appreciate the many little things they added to make any workout more convenient. There is a water bottle holder, a workout fan, and pretty decent speakers all built into the machine. What’s more, there is an iPod docking station so you will never get bored while you burn those calories. Of course, the lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system is a welcome feature as well, because I do not have to hold back for fear of “breaking” the machine.

Overall, based upon my Yowza Sanibel Elliptical Review,  I would have to recommend it to anyone who wants to try an elliptical trainer. It is compact, durable, and presents a good workout that is guaranteed to make you lose those pounds. Now that should give you the right motivation.

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