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natural remedies to stop snoringWith so many snoring products on the market, the ability to stop snoring naturally is often overlooked.  Let’s face it,  snoring can be an annoying problem especially if you sleep with other people.  Just imagine going camping and waking everybody up in the middle of the night with your loud snoring. At first people may laugh and comment about this, but as days start to pass they will become irritated with you.  Not planning on going to camp any time soon? Well, just imagine how loud and annoying this can be in the close confines your bedroom! Luckily there are natural ways that can help us to stop snoring for good.

Lose Some Weight

The most common natural remedy to stop snoring is to lose weight.  Excess weight has been linked to snoring in many cases and could be the reason behind your problem too. When you have too much fat in your system, you are sending this fat to throat tissues that will block your air passage during sleep when muscles are completely relaxed. Going to the gym, jogging, or starting a diet can prove to be beneficial for snoring and for many other areas of your life as well.

Boost your Immune System

A strong immune system will keep you away from flu, colds, and nasal congestion – all of them factors that contribute to the development of snoring. Nasal congestion makes the free flow of air down the air passage difficult, producing vibrations.  To strengthen your immune system you should have a proper diet (including fruits and vegetables), and take vitamin supplements.  Vitamin C in particular, is very useful to avoid cold or flu.

Use Nasal Drops and Throat Sprays

Nasal drops and throat sprays are two snoring solutions that are aimed at clearing your nasal passage and improving your respiratory functions.  You can find many alternatives, but it is always better to read the ingredients and reviews online before choosing a product.  I always prefer sprays based on natural and organic products like oils and herbs.

Another way to ease nasal congestion is through the use of vaporizers.  Even inhaling steam from boiling water can help you clear your nose and breathe normally again.  Just be careful with the boiling water!

Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Certain Medications

Sometimes instead of using a product, we must stop using them.  This is the case of cigarettes and alcohol.  The first ones will put a strain on your throat and over time will produce damage. Alcohol on the other hand is a substance that will over-relax your throat muscles during sleep, blocking the free flow of air.

But alcohol is not the only substance with this effect, some medications can have the same effect, but you shouldn’t stop your medication.  Instead, talk to your doctor about other medication alternatives that don’t cause over-relaxation and lead to more snoring.

Implementing one or more of these methods may help you stop snoring naturally and improve your sleep. You and your partner can both awake more rested and ready to start the day!

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