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anxiety management tipsPanic attacks are mostly triggered by a person’s fear:  Fear that usually springs out from something unknown and inexplicable at that moment. This could be the main reason why panic attacks have catapulted to be the number one known mental illness today, even more alarming than depression.

What makes a panic attack really alarming is the feeling that it seems to be uncontrollable at the moment that a person experiences it. The mental state of a person at that moment is somewhat unreasonable due to the overwhelming fear that clouds his or her mind. However, you can control and get help with anxiety attacks. It’s all in the mind. So, the best thing you could do is to devise a counterattack to this sudden mental state that a panic attack puts you in.

Here are tips on how to stop panic attacks by controlling the way you think:


It is important that you do not lose your focus during a panic attack. Find your center and align yourself to that center. Focus on a particular thought or idea. Hold on to that until you feel relaxed. Then anchor yourself to that idea, and later on, use that idea to be your pivot point.


Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Your thought translates into emotions and your emotional state translates into actions. Positive thinking may require a whole lot of convincing to your own self. Remember Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo? What did he do when all the fishes were panicking when they were caught by a large fisherman’s net? He provoked positivity to the fishes by constantly shouting to them to “Swim Down.” And it worked. Positivity and power statements always work. So when you experience panic attacks, shout and yell to yourself to just “SHUT UP!”


If you cannot convince yourself with a single strong statement, then divert yourself. Sing the latest song that you have been going crazy about. Remember that one song that you hate to listen to but gets stuck in your head? This would be the perfect time to actually sing that song. Or remember that really corny joke that you just can’t get over with? Or that funny scene you just witnessed before you had a panic attack? Think of the things that you just can’t get over with, and use it this time to get over something else.

When an attack strikes, use one or more of these anxiety tips and you can fight back successfully!

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