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garlic naturalAs the body of evidence supporting garlic’s role in fighting high blood pressure grows, more and more people are considering supplementing with garlic in order to help improve their blood pressure. While many opt for the convenience that a garlic pill can offer, others instead choose to work more actual garlic into their diets. The pill may have its benefits, but there are strong reasons why garlic is better taken in its natural state.

Raw Garlic Is Cheaper Than Supplements

Consider the cost of a head of garlic. Depending on where you shop, you will expect to pay between thirty and fifty cents for a head of garlic. Each head of garlic contains roughly 10 cloves. Most studies regarding garlic and blood pressure agree that you need to eat roughly five cloves, or half a head of garlic per day to get the maximum benefit. This results in a daily cost of fifteen to twenty-five cents per day.

Now, let’s contrast this with the cost of garlic supplements. One of the most popular garlic supplements, let’s say Brand X, costs $20 for 180 capsules. The recommended dosage for Brand X garlic supplements is one capsule three times per day, giving you 60 days worth of garlic for $20. In contrast, 60 days worth of raw garlic heads comes out to $9 at fifteen cents per day and $15 at twenty-five cents per day. It may not be a huge price difference, but there are reasons in addition to price to consider raw garlic when it comes to treating your high blood pressure.

Raw Garlic Is Complete

When you take any food-based supplement for health reasons, the first thing you need to be sure of is that you are getting all the beneficial components of that food, rather than just one or two refined ingredients. Much of the time, it is not one vitamin or mineral that creates the benefit, but all of them working together. This is definitely true in the case of garlic.

Most people consider allicin to be the active ingredient that makes garlic such a powerful blood pressure fighter, and most garlic supplements are primarily based on it. This means that the phosphorus, magnesium, adenosine, and natural ACE inhibitors that contribute the blood pressure control are left behind. Eating raw garlic for blood pressure support, on the other hand, gives you the full spectrum.

Garlic Is Tasty

Of course, this is open to interpretation, but the flavor of garlic is widely regarded to be a pleasant one, particularly when it is given a supporting role and married to other flavors. It is a versatile ingredient that can be added to soups, sauces, salads, meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. No French chef would dare run a kitchen without plenty of garlic.

While garlic is a popular alternative treatment for high blood pressure, there are different ways that you can get your daily garlic. Of course, you can choose supplements, but you would be better served reaching for real, raw garlic instead. It is cheaper than supplements, contains the full range of beneficial compounds that help improve blood pressure levels, and it is a tasty and healthy food that is well versed to a wide variety of dishes and situations.

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