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niacin flush benefitsOne of the most popular health trends of the moment is niacin flushing. Niacin (Vitamin B3) flushing entails that you take in an overdose of niacin to ‘flush’ the body. It works like this: When you consume the overdose of niacin, your veins will widen. This improves the blood flow through your veins and capillaries. Especially the blood flow in the capillaries can be weak normally, so often toxic waste of the body is cluttered here.

By undergoing a niacin flush you basically give your body a chance to get rid of the toxic waste. However, there are many other, but perhaps lesser known, niacin flush benefits for your health as well. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to describe these benefits and to give some solutions to common side effects that occur after niacin flushing.


A niacin deficiency can lead to depression and angst. Fortunately, it is not very hard to attain the recommended daily niacin dose of 20 mg in the Western world. But if you go travel to less developed countries or you binge drink for a week you can become deficient in Vitamin B3, leading to depression.

The body uses the amino acid tryptophan in order to produce serotonin, a hormone that causes happy feelings. However, if you are low in niacin, the body has to produce niacin itself and will use up great levels of tryptophan in order to do this. This usage diminishes the body’s ability to also produce serotonin and this may lead to depression.

Niacin flushing is one of the most underestimated treatments of depression. Expensive medicines are pushed as a cure because their is little money to be made in advising someone to eat more niacin rich foods. A deficiency in micro-nutrients like niacin, therefore, is often overlooked as real problem of depression. In short, the proper amount of niacin for depression should never be overlooked.


First of all I have to say that niacin will not have any direct influence on your weight. Simply taking in niacin, will not make you lose fat. However, it can help you indirectly in slimming. Niacin helps your body to transform fat into energy. This will enable you to run a bit longer or do one repetition more at the gym. Regular niacin flushing also helps you to avoid stress. Stress can lead to cortisol production, and cortisol puts on fat, especially fat in the belly area.

Hair growth

Niacin flushing does improve the circulation to the scalp. This will stimulate hair growth. Furthermore, niacin can reduce the production of DHT, a testosterone that causes baldness. This also explains why men that are high in testosterone go bald faster than others. In order to stimulate hair growth, you can use niacin in two ways: internally and externally. Internally means you consume niacin by taking in supplements or eating a diet rich in foods packed with niacin like tuna. Externally implies applying niacin topically. However, if you apply niacin topically, you will need a more potent form of Vitamin B3, one that is lipophilic. The niacin benefits for hair growth can vary from person to person, but many people have had significant results.

Side effects

However, by overdosing niacin, you will also have to endure some pretty uncomfortable feelings. The most common side effects are reddening of the skin and a sensational tingling feeling in the chest. Your skin can feel like it has had intense sunburn. It is necessary to undergo these side effects, because this is the actual ‘flushing’ of the body.

You can do some things to prevent the intensity of the side effects. For example, you could take in an aspirine 30 minutes prior to eating a niacin rich meal. Other things that reduce side effects are Vitamin C tablets and garlic extract. If you take in an aspirin, Vitamin C tablets and some garlic extract 30 minutes prior to your niacin flush, you can enjoy niacin flush benefits, while avoiding severe side effects.

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