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fish oil concentrateThe rise in popularity of fish oil supplements has been noticed among those who are firm believers in using natural supplements to promote proper health. For others, moving blindly into taking this supplement without understanding the reasoning behind it seems risky. The essential facts about fish oil are suprisingly straightforward and easy to understand.

There is no doubt about the excellent benefits of fish oil supplements. Fish oil is a healthy source of Omega-3 fatty acids and EFA. When EFA enters the body, it can help prevent the development of various health conditions. However, people taking fish oil supplements should know the limitations set by the government about the health claims of these supplements. This includes a discussion about specific dosage and packaging of fish oil products.

Fact # 1: Fish oil supplements are not drugs.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency in the United States that has the responsibility of regulating pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements. The agency is tasked to distinguish between the two types depending on the intended purpose. A dietary supplement is defined by the agency as a product to be used as a supplement to current diet. Dietary supplements may contain essential vitamins and minerals. They are taken orally either in capsule, pill, tablet or liquid form. The FDA defines a drug as a product that can treat or cure diseases.

Under the FDA regulations, fish oil supplements are classified as dietary supplements. They should not be mistaken by the public as drugs. While manufacturers of fish oil supplements are allowed to make claims that their products can cure or prevent certain types of diseases, these claims should not be found in dietary supplements.

Fact #2: Fish oil contains significant cardiovascular benefits.
As early as the 70s, scientists have found fish oil to have significant benefits to the heart. The regular consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent the development of certain cardiovascular diseases. Vascular diseases are defined as inflammatory diseases that develop in the immune system. The presence of a vascular disease spreads the harmful effects of inflammation.

By taking fish oil supplements, the Omega-3 fatty acids will help protect the body against cardiovascular diseases by neutralizing inflammatory effects that are due to the presence of lipids in the blood vessels. When consumed by the body, Omega-3 works by latching on to cell membranes and platelets. Inflammatory blood markers will eventually be eliminated with the continued consumption of fish oil pills or supplements.

Fact #3: Fish oil supplements can reduce blood pressure and blood viscosity.
The Omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure. The risk of a heart attack is also reduced because high blood pressure is prevented. Fish oil supplements also reduce the viscosity of blood. Viscosity is described as the thinness or thickness of any type of liquid. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil can thin the blood. This is significant because the heart will not have to exert too much pressure in pumping blood throughout the body.

Taking the time to determine the best fish oil supplement is important to obtain the health benefits of fish oil. Fish oil supplements should be treated as a dietary supplement. This means taking them together with proper diet and exercise.

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