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Stevia has become one of the hottest sweeteners for those trying to lose weight. While its popularity soars so does the questions surrounding its efficacy and its side effects. A typical question and answer is below.

Q: I started using Stevia as a sweetener last week, but one of my aunts has told me that there are quite a few Stevia sweetener side effects.  Is that true? I stopped using Stevia until I can be sure of its safety. Also, I’d like to know if I can get some of the benefits of vitamin B12 by eating Stevia.


A: Your aunt is wrong. There are absolutely no side effects for Stevia usage. The local population of South America, especially Brazil and the close area of Paraguay, has been using it for centuries without any side effects. The reason behind this is quite simple. If it caused them any damage, they would have stopped using it long ago. This is how all “Grandma Remedies” evolved. You can safely use Stevia as much as you want. All these rumors about its safety of usage all came from the dreaded sugar industry and the artificial sweetener industry as well. Their monthly check is dependent on you not knowing this information.

Stevia is much safer compared to regular table sugar. It is much sweeter as well, but it contains zero calories, which is outstandingly beneficial for diabetic people specifically and for anyone who uses sugar or its alternatives.

Regarding your vitamin B12 question – You can actually get a bit of this vitamin, because all vitamin B12 rich foods on planet earth initially received their B12 content from a soil bacteria. That is where B12 comes from and not from animal products as many people mistakenly believe. There is one catch, however. You need to be consuming the plant, Stevia in our case, unwashed, as vitamin B12 easily washes away with water. This is why I would recommend growing your own organic garden consisting of Stevia in order to get both the sweetening and the vitamin B12 benefits of it.

Best to you!

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