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biggest loser weight challengeYou may have associated weight loss with a lot of terms and conditions, but have you considered it as a challenge? Thinking of weight loss as a challenge is totally a game changer. You don’t necessarily need to hate losing weight activities anymore. Consider this, have you tried so hard to beat a certain game (even a video game) or succeed in sports just because you want to beat your friend’s challenge?  Well in weight loss, you can do exactly the same. And on top of that, you don’t have to rely on someone else challenge. You can start your own challenge.

Create a Challenge
Making up a challenge or simply goal setting is one important factor you should practice. You may want to involve your friends to bring the challenge to a different level, but if you are just challenging yourself then it could suffice. The thing with informing your friends or someone close means that you are determined to do it. At least you are dedicated to finish it otherwise you will be faced with ridicule afterwards if you don’t do so. Challenges are what help participants on TV shows like the Biggest Loser succeed each week.

Write Down the Challenge
Just writing the challenge and putting your signature or contract will solidify the challenge and concretely express your goals. You now have a goal to really think about and plan your actions for accomplishing it. Writing it down is a crucial step and makes any goal seem both tangible and achievable.

Set Rewards
Of course, the ultimate reward is your good looking figure, but it is also important to add some incentive prizes. It can be clothing or other splurge purchase or you can indulge in one free eating of your not-so-nutritious but favorite food. But there are other healthy rewards such as taking a break in your weight loss program and having a trip to a beauty parlor or massage parlor for some much deserved pampering. You can even organize an outing with any friends that are also participating in their own challenge.

Choose the Healthy Methods
Lastly, to get the best outcome in your challenge and to help you keep going it is important to choose the healthiest path.  Eating healthy food items and doing daily exercise are usually the safest and surest ways to get through your challenge. Healthy food items will get you the results that you want and make your body feel good. There are many quick weight loss diets out there that focus on natural food items.  Exercising as well can provide strength and stamina and help you change that fat you are losing into muscle.

So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge and show them what you got!

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